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Error -200479 start task for all the DAQmx resources



I need to use all the DAQ resources for my application, that means I need to initialize all the Digital Input/Output and Analog Input/Output channels. To do this, I'm using 4 different tasks, one for each type, each task is configuring their respective channels (not mixing analog/digital or input/output) but I´m getting the error -200479 in the probe 53 (from the image) which is configuring the digital inputs only.

Possible reason(s):

Specified operation cannot be performed while the task is running.


I don´t have any errors before the initialization, and when I disable the Analog Input task, I don´t have erros at all, so I´m wondering how can I start all the tasks simultaneosly? I tried mixing the inputs Analog and Digital, but it throws errors because it can´t be configure in the same task.


I appreciate any advice that you can give me about this issue.




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Showing us case 5 doesn't help much


Create a snippet of that vi (Ctrl +A to select all, then Menu>>Edit>>Create vi snippet from selection.  save the resulting.png file and insert that into a post.

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Thanks for your repply Jefff,


My issue is solved, in case it is useful to anybody, my problem was a mix of signals, my task was connecting again the analog inputs instead of the digital inputs (hidden cable), so when i was trying to initialize, although the configuration did not provide any errors, the start task throw the error -200479 because the analog input was already initialized previously.


To figure out where was the mix signal located, I used in the DAQ palette -> channel node -> General Properties -> Channel Type. This indicates what type of data the task has (digital input/ digital output / analog input / analog output).


Regards and thanks for the help,




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