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Error 200279

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I'm totally new to labview and need a little bit of help with my VI. I have a very basic VI which aquires data from 3 load cells and saves to an excel file. The load cells are pulugged into a NI9237 module.

After it runs for several seconds I get error 200279. I've tried changing the sampling rate to match the minimum sampling rate in the module spec sheet (1.62k Hz) and this allows the programme to run for longer but the error still occurs. 


Any help would be much appreciated! I'm not sure where to go from here...



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Please do a "Save as Previous Version" and attach one that is earlier than LabVIEW 2019.


Not everyone has 2019 installed yet.


Without seeing it, my guess is you are collecting too much data, and trying to save it all in the same loop.  The file operations are taking longer than you have time for before the buffer overruns.


Try minimizing the work you do in that loop.  Consider a producer/consumer architecture to offload the file saving work off to another loop.

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Thanks. I've attached the the file saved for previous versions and I'll look up producer/consumer architecture

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Accepted by topic author Niamh8

You should also look at using DAQmx functions rather than the DAQ Assistant.


You are only reading 100 samples at a time.  Try reading more.  With 100 samples at 1.62 kHz, you need to have those File Write operations to be done in about 16 milliseconds in order to not overflow the buffer.  File operations are among the slowest things on a PC.  Particularly if that Express VI happens to be opening and closing the file every iteration.


And what are you measuring?  Do you really need to send each and every data point to the Excel file, or can you do some math such as taking the average of those 100 points, or however many you read and send that to the Excel file.


Definitely look into producer consumer. 

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Thanks for your help RavensFan. 


I tried increasing the samples and reducing the number of points I send to the excel; you're right I don't need all of the data points, and that's solved my issue. I'm no longer getting error 200279. 


I'm working on setting up producer consumer loops now and I'll also try using the DAQmx functions to imporve the VI. 


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