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Error -200278 occurred at DAQmx Read

Hey all!

I am using  a NI USB-6363 to measure points at the peak of a waveform, however I keep getting Error -200278 at the DAQmx read. I've tried changing the sample size as well as adding delays (wait until next ms) thinking it might be a timing problem. Unfortunately I am a labview novice and figured perhaps someone more gifted might be able to figure out the problem while I still troubleshoot. I've attached the VI if anyone wants to take a look. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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After reading the error code it appears you selected a finite samples to read that is no divisable by the read samples.  therefore your desired sample is beyond the selected finite sample. So choose a finite sample size that is divisable by the samples read or the other way around.

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A few things. You set the sample clock to Finite Samples so a single set of 1000 samples will be generated. You will have an error after the first iteration of your loop. You should set the Sample clock to continuous and specify the number of samples per channel. You have way too much going on in the read loop, you will never be able to keep up with the acquisition rate. A producer consumer architecture would help you here.



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You are only acquiring 1000 samples then the Task is done! Period. That is what finite sample mode means!  You want exactly 1000 samples and no more. 


Chose "Contineous Samples" and it will work just fine

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