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Error -200022 for cDAQ-9174 with Three NI-9237 Modules

I am trying to run a simple code to read three channels from each of the three modules. I am using the LabVIEW express VI as shown in the image below. VIHelp.PNG

When I run the code with the two task as shown in the image the code runs fine. As soon as I add a third task (using the express VI), I receive error-200022. This error switches from task to task each time I run the code. 


Is there a way to manually code around the Express VI to run 3 or 4 simultaneous tasks? 


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Are these tasks analog inputs? Please refer to the following document regarding the error: 


I recommend ensuring that your tasks do not share any channels. Otherwise, the following link provides some information on how many tasks can concurrently run on your chassis: 


Do you have any tasks running in NI-MAX?

NI Product Owner
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Hi Brian, 


Yes, these tasks are all analog inputs. 


I have checked all of the channels and have ensured that none share the same channels. They are each pulling 3 channels from a separate module. 


In total, I would only be running 3 tasks, which is less than the limit on the chassis (the eventual goal would be 4), each reading 3 channels from the modules. I believe this should be able to function properly. 


There are not any tasks running in NI-MAX.


Thanks for the help, 


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Have you tried Channel Expansion?


It might be worth considering migrating off the DAQ Assistant VIs to the DAQmx functions. The DAQ Assistant is a wrapper for the DAQmx functions and is great for quick simple measurements. But trouble can arise when you try to run multiple DAQ Assistant VIs. 

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The cDAQ 4 slot chassis can only have 2 AI Tasks.  BUT, there is no reason why you cannon have 1 TASK using channels from all three AI modules.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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