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Error 19Under Input Range!

Since a few weeks my LabView program (2015) fails to start. It brings a message with "Error 19Under Input Range". I haven't made the program and can't find something calling this message. So it have to be from Labview itself. But I can't messure a low voltage or anything else. Im using ICP CONs Could they have a problem. Or do you what is triggering this message?

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Hi Alex,


why don't you debug your LabVIEW program to find the source of those error messages?

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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It runs on an old computer with the peripherie and everything. But I can only run applications. So I can't start the programm on another computer. I wanted to safe the work for getting a full LabView running on it.

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Error 19 is a strangely low number.  If I put it into Explain Error, It says "configuration type invalid".  An error -19 doesn't exist.  That message doesn't really match your description.  And does your description really show it as 19Under  without a space?  So I'm thinking that error might be generated by some 3rd party driver or subVI.

If so, you are on your own.


Start looking in the source code for anything that would deal with a range.



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