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Error -1984 - SV Stationary Loudness


I am trying to use the SV Stationary Loudness VI in labview 2011, but I'm having some troubles. 

"Error -1984 occurred at This function operates only on 1/3 octave spectrum with frequency range from 25 Hz to 12.5 kHz."


But I already tried to use the Third Octave VI with the frequency range 25 Hz to 12.5 kHz as showed in the LabVIEW exemple

Another question, can I have the loudness calculated of a signal from  a FFT? Or I need to have a pressure signal only?


Sorry for my english.

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Hello Freddearaujo.


Could you please provide us the VI you are using to perform this task? Could you also inform us about the frequency, acquisition rate, data acquisition system used and any other further info related to your application?


Are you able to tell the right moment when the error occurs?


I'm waiting your response to try figure out what's happening and then help you better.


Our attending procedure is based on the schema one question per post, this method help us to keep the attendances organized with faster response. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to request you to create others foruns for your other questions.


Best regards.

Marcio Soares
Applications Engineer
National Instruments Brasil
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I already tryed this Loudness VI in several VIs, always with the same problem. I've attached a SubVI. In this SubVI, I have a 3D matrix, where the elements are sound pressure values. The rows and colums are the coordinates of a beamforming map and the pages are the frequencies.

This matrix is generated from a LVM data from another project.

This data was generated with a microphones arrays with 2048 samples and acquisition rate about 10kHz.

I've noticed the Third Octave VI doesn't work either when the error 1984 occurs. 

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Hello freddearaujo.

I know you've tried to use the Loudness VI in several ways, but I'm guessing this problem is related with the waveform data you are connecting to the SVT Third-octave function. So, I would like to ask you to connect the error cluster output from this subVI to the error cluster input of the Loudness subVI, then place a probe in this wire e check to see if any other error happens.

Another question I would like to ask you is: What is the example VI you used to test these functions, was it the VI showed in the Loudness VI help page? If not, could you please make a test with this example? To open it, enable the context help window (CRTL H) pass the mouse over the Loudness VI and the click in the detailed help link that is in the context help window, you also could click in the question mark at the bottom left of the window. This will drive you the Loudness VI help page and at the bottom of this page there is a button to open the example VI that I'm talking about, its name is Stationary Loudness and Sharpness (Simulated).vi

If you analyze the block diagram of this example you will see that there is a subVI used before the SVT Third-octave Analisys VI, this previous subVI is used to scale your signal before make the Loudness analisys, so maybe using this function with your data could solve the problem.

Feel free to ask any other questions

Best regards.

Marcio Soares
Applications Engineer
National Instruments Brasil
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