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Error 1603 occured while uninstalling NI Switch 3.8.5 from my laptop

Hi, When I am trying to uninstall NI Switch 3.8.5, i am getting a popup saying "Error 1603 occured.Do you want to Continue?". I am not sure why it is giving that error. I searched about this in NI website and tried few things but they didnt worked out. I tried removing the entries corresponding to NI Switch 3.8.5 from regedit, i have also downloaded "msiblast.exe" from NI website and tried to repair/unistall the NI Switch but still the same issue.I have also tried to manually delete the ni switch dll from IVI\bin folder and also tried to remove the NI Switch folder from Program Files/National Instruments folder. But nothing worked out. I observed like this is the case only with few NI softwares. Some NI software like Labview 2009 is not giving any error while uninstalling/installing.NI Switch, switch executive is giving this issue. When I tried to use ni switch VIs in my labview pragram then i got error saying "Error loading niswitch_32.dll". So i thought i can unstall the current NI Switch software and reinstall it again.Then i noticed this issue.when I am trying to modify/repair/uninstall the NI Switch , i am getting the below error. Can anyone please let help me to come out of this issue? Thanks, Harika
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I think there is some issue with my browser, thats y it is appearing like a paragraph...... Sorry for that...
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Have you seen this KnowledgeBase? It explains exactly what to do with that error.


Kyle K.

Product Manager for Product Data
National Instruments
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That is a dead link.


Can you please provide a live one? I have a customer in Ethiopia with the same error.


Thank you


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It appears that the knowledgebase has moved as part of a cleanup effort.


What the knowledgebase explained is that error 1603 occurs when the uninstaller is corrupted or incomplete. To fix this issue, you will need to use the Windows Add/Remove window to perform a repair on the software. This will require that you have a copy of the installation files available to perform the repair.


If there are any complications with this let us know by responding to this thread again and we will be happy to help.

Product Manager for Product Data
National Instruments
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Thanks for the quick response on this old thread.


If my customer was following my directions, they were doing a repair operation from Add/Remove programs when they got this message.


They don't have any installation media and apparently can't download the 1 GB installer files from the internet. So I'm actually working on having them ship the computer back here so I can fix it. I have all the DVDs here so I expect I'll be able to figure it out once it's here.


If not, I'll post here with questions.


Thanks again


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