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Error 15 with CLFN in nisyscfg.lvlib:Set System Image

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Recently upgraded to LV 2012 and code that worked for imaging cRIOs in LV 2011 had to be replaced with the new and improved nisyscfg.lvlib VIs: Set System Image, Get System Image, etc,...


I'm receiving the following error message when my installed executable attempts to image a cRIO: 'Error 15 occurred at Call Library Function Node in nisyscfg.lvlib: Set System Image (Folder).vi:1->nisyscfg.lvlib: Set System Image (File).vi:1->'. The possible reason(s) displays: 'LabVIEW: Resource not found.'


What installation packages/products are required for the system configuration VIs? I'm including NISysCfg_Runtime and NISysAPI_Framework.


Thanks for your time.  


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I think I've solved part of the problem. Now I'm getting 'Error -2147220364 occurred at nisyscfg.lvlib: Set System Image (Folder).vi:1' with possible reason(s): 'NI System Configuration: (Hex 0x80040474) Command is not supported by given protocol.'

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Problem solved! The correct installation packages are: NISysAPI_Framework, NISysCfg_Runtime, mDNS_Responder, NI_Curl, NI_SSL_Support, NI_TraceEngine, NI_RPC, and the mxRmCfg.dll.

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