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Error 1402: Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE... During Installation

Thank you for giving a detailed explanation of how you solved the problem.  I had the same problem as well!

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No problem. I'm just glad I was able to help someone else who was having this problem.

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Thanks a lot guys!!!

I've been spending a few hours on my machine(reinstalling/uninstalling) for that error message.

I agree NI Smiley Very HappyForums are the best...
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It's great! I have this error too and no fond the root preblem untill now.

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Hello everybody,
i hvae the same problem. I couldn´t try the method you guys wrote there, cause there is no file LVDB.Application\CLSID under the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advanced
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If you refer back to the first page of this discussion forum, it looks like deleting files did not solve the problem.  Instead, you will need to change your permissions settings.  Please follow the 7 steps posted by bhumble on the previous page.  This should solve your problem.  Thanks!
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i have browsed through the registry and looked for the entry mentioned in the errormessage: (HKEY_LOKAL_MASCHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\LVDb.APPLICATION\CLSID)

Problem is that i could not find the Datei LVDb.APPLICATION\CLSID under the Path to do the 7 steps.
So i rightclicked on the folder CLASSES, choosed Permisson..._Advanced_ Add NewUser_then a error message came:" an object names 2everyone"can not found. Check the Path......"
Any suggestion ?

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You first want to verify that you are following the correct path in the registry to locate the LVDB.Application folder.  If you are sure the folder is not there, then something must be corrupted in the registry.  I would make sure that you are logged in as an administrator, and I would suggest uninstalling all of your National Instruments software, and reinstalling it.  This should fix any problems in the registry.
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OK Gang, I got this Error 1402 HKEY crapola problem only I get it while trying to install an Adobe Reader 9.3 and an Adobe Flash Player 10 product so there ain't no way to log in as administrator. This is my own home PC and I DO have admin privileges on everything in the damned thing! I have browser problems, system restore problems and now this damned thing with Error 1402. How do I fix the bloody thing? Help!! Thanks I hope- JKMc/K&K- Brookhaven PA 19015-1903- USA Smiley Mad
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I got his when upgrading Adobe Flash also. Changing the permissions in the registry was the key.

@Keiman Change permissions on the group of keys the installer is complaining about (local machine\software\adobe?)

Administrator or not, permissions can be set to lock out _anyone_, but administrators can change them back. 😉

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