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Error 1172 when calling the dll

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I am developing an application where a feature needs to access the system Registry keys,I am calling a dll built from Visual studio using Constructor node.When I run the VI getting below error,Attached vi and dll.


Kindly help me out to solve the issue.


Thanks in advance



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You already know that LabVIEW can do this natively; why use .NET?

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Hello Bill,


I need admin rights to make changes in the Registry,I am not sure about doing it via LabVIEW,Is there any dll I can use it to Enable the Registry for Read/Write??


Kindly help me out




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Accepted by Sri_Cbe

LabVIEW has Registry VIs. Of course do you need elevated rights for write access to certain parts of the registry, but that will not change if you put your registry access code into a .Net assembly and call that from a LabVIEW executable.


The .Net assembly eventually calls the same advapi.dll functions to access the registry and the check is in those functions if the current process has the correct permissions. By going through a roundabout through the .Net assembly should not change anything on that or Microsoft has a very serious problem!

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