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Error -1074395720 occurred at IMAQ Get LCD ROI

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get more robust my vi, that I use to read sequence of letter on a LED 7 segment display.

Infact the position of the seven segment in not always ripetitive, matter of a mm.

But the final routine that I use, IMAQ Read LCD, is very fussy about giving back the decimal point, if ROI is not very close to the right.

So I would like to use IMAQ Get LCD ROI, hoping it could give me a perfect ROI for IMAQ Read LCD.

(I use IMAQ Read LCD instead of IMAQ Read Single digit, because I never had the decimal point reading from "Read Single".)

But IMAQ get LCD ROI refuses to give me any good result, always Error -1074395720.

Could someone link me any example using it?

I'm also looking for a new version of "IMAQ Vision for LabVIEW - User Manual" since the last I fund is 2004 edition and only indicate that those functions exists but not more.

I've some double on the input I must give to this VI.

I'm pretty sure to give it the right image with the right global rectangle, because I add images when the LED start, and it turns on in turn each segment. This is the result:



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Hello PincoG,

maybe this document can help you:

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