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Error -1074388560 occurred at NI-CAN Configure CAN Object when using NI USB-8502




I'm upgrading existing LabVIEW 2008 application to LabVIEW 2018 and using a new NI USB-8502. 


Original code was written to use NI-CAN and I would like to keep using NI-CAN instead of re-writing the code to use NI-XNET.


I've installed NI-XNET Compatibility Library for NI-CAN.


When the is called, I get the error :


Error -1074388560 occurred at NI-CAN Configure
CAN Object

Possible reason(s):

NI-CAN: (Hex 0xBFF621B0) The feature specified has a design under NI-CAN which cannot be made compatible with NI-XNET CAN hardware.



I've attached the code (LV 2018) and the screenshot of the block diagram. Do you know what could be the issue here?


Thanks in advance.

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You may get more responses if you repost this in the Automotive and Embedded Networks forum here:


The people that look at those forums are generally more familiar with CAN and the NI CAN/XNET drivers.

Connor W.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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It looks like it's the Transmit By Response = TRUE, check the NI-CAN manual Appendix F

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