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Error 1074118635 occurred at niDMM Fetch Multipoint

I'm still very new at this and just wanted my vi to take a current reading for up to a week.  It used to stop at 80 mins and I looked through a few discussion forums that told me to expand the buffer  size, which I think I was able to do.  Now I'm able to take readings, but it stops after about 8 hours.  I really only need it to take a reading every second for up to a week, if that's possible.  I have LabView 2014 and am using the Ni-DMM USB-4065 with a power supply.  I'm sure I did some of the block diagram wrong--I took bits and pieces from different examples to try and piece together something I could use, so any helpful tips would be appreciated!  Thank you in advance!     

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I would think that the issue is that it is taking so long to perform a write appending to an already large excel file after such time that by the time the write to measurement time has completed, then it fetches again but the buffer has overfilled in the time it took to write to the measurement file.


I would look into a producer consumer architecture to ensure this does not happen:


Additionally to this, write to measurement file has a few options, you should think about setting it so you dequeue only when there is an hours worth of data and set the measurement file to create a new file each time with date and time appended to the name.

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