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Error 1073807343 when running application


We are getting an error while running an application made in LabView that has been proven for almost a year now.  We use USB I/O module and then send data out a USB to Serial device to a printer.  I am attempting to show what error is being displayed on our application as an attachment.

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If you look in device manager, do you see a COM10? From what I could find online, the error seems to indicate that the COMX selection is invalid. It may be that some devices were connected/disconnected which caused the serial ports to reenumerate.

Matt J
National Instruments | CLA
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Yes, there is a COM10 in device manager.  The developer who wrote this application is out till tomorrow, and I was trying to get any obvious buge fixed so he wouldn't have to be bothered.  There were some BIOS changes made on both systems that are running this application, but one still works and the other stopped working.  You would think that identical hardeawe would have a consistant response.

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