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Error -1073807339 at VISA Read

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I am developing an RS232 port reading system using a MITUTOYO MUX-10F device. Through NIMAX or terminal everything works correctly, but when in block diagram I am experiencing an error. Can anybody help me?

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Did you search the forums for this error?  It has come up thousands of times before.


The string you are writing is wrong.   It looks like you are trying to write a 1 followed by a carriage return which is a common message termination character.  But your string constant is probably set for Normal Display mode  (if you attached the actual VI we could tell for sure.)  As a result you are sending a "1", a backslash, and an "r".


Change your constant to \Code display.  Make the display style visible so it documents that setting is \code style.  You'll now see 1\\r.  Edit it to be 1\r.


\r is a carriage return in \code mode.  It is just the 2 characters if you type it that way in normal display mode.


Get rid of that Rube Goldberg of typecasting the CR constant.  Just right click on the Serial Configure Input, Create Constant, and enter 13 which is the decimal ASCII character for a carriage return.

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If I asked you to help me with my 400-line Matlab script, I wouldn't send you a picture of the script, I'd attach the script.  If you want to help us to help you with your LabVIEW VI, attach your LabVIEW VI.  Then we can see it, edit it, test it, modify it, etc.


Bob Schor

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Thank you very much, changing the constant to \code solved.

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