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Error 1055 @ Property Node (arg1)

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Dear community,


i struggle to find a solution for the following problem for a while. May one of you can give me a hint, how to get this programm running.


I wanted to write a programm with that i can click on 4 points to calculate two lines and find the intersection.

Somehow the Error 1055 apears everytime i want to select points in the graph, which says: Object reference is invaild. 


But i linked the event structure aswell as the property node to the xy graph.

On top of that, the front panel freeze everytime i click in the graph whithout pushing the button to "click points". 


 Thanks in advanced for your help! 



(by the way, I use the LabView Version 2017)


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Accepted by topic author JuRoe

You do not have a single cursor, but you are trying to set its position.

First add a cursor, for example, through the properties of the graph.





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Yes you are right, there was the cursor missing! Thanks a lot. Now it is working  😁

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