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Error-1048 Matlab script node

I am a newbie in labview.RecentlyI wrote a code for image stitching and it runs without problems on matlab.
However, after inserting the Matlab script code into my Block diagram and defining the outputs, LabVIEW returns the following:
Error 1048 occurred at LabVIEW: 'LabVIEW failed to get variable from the script server
Attached is a VI, 'frist', which gives me the error. I'm running LabVIEW 2018, and Matlab R2016b.
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks!

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When I open your VI, I see a couple of lines that begin with a %, but are then a bunch of funny ASCII characters.  Nothing that looks like a command or variables or anything.


What are they supposed to be?


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oh      That's just the Chinese comments for the code I deleted it and uploaded it again named'second'

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And the images in 'C:\Users\fengchao\Desktop\siftDemoV4\subtract\rgb' are following

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