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Error 1003 occurred at Invoke Node

Good morning.
I work with LW8.5 and created with the following architecture:
There is on the links at the user's calls and runs the other VI.
That is, not directly, these are not included in the VI block diagram
In the development of a happening in normal mode, all dynamically called VI,
But once I make EXE, when you try to call the dynamic VI error 1003.
Error 1003 occurred at Invoke Node in

Possible reason (s):

LabVIEW: The VI is not executable. Most likely the VI is broken or one of its subVIs cannot be located. Open the VI in LabVIEW using File>> Open and verify that it is runnable.

VI Path: C: \ Shaikov \ Labwiev \ builds \ NSIAES \ Initialsettings \

Show you how to act?
Thank you.

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Hello Kayfolom,


In the link below you will find an explanation of the error and how to fix it:


Error 1003 When Using VI Server in a LabVIEW Application


you may wanto to check this link too..


How Can I Call a VI Dynamically from an Executable Without Including Those VIs in the Build?


And you may want to take a look to the related links at the end of this documents




Martin Garcia

Applications Engineer

National Instruments Corp.

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Thanks for the answer

I read this,

but do not want to include a dynamic VI in in the Build, because in the future I want to change the dynamic VI, not collecting new EXE. this is realy good,

but creating the. llb file for large-scale VI, the size of the file reaches 70 mb.
If I am to each of its dynamic VI will create such a file, this is how much space you need me?
Is there another solution? Can I somehow on another call Dynamic VI from the main 



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Hello Kayfolom,


As far as I know there is no other way to do that.




Martin Garcia

Applications Engineer

National Instruments Corp.

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Hello margasan.

In my Projects I use to pass more dynamic and VI classes.
In the attached file - an example of my project:
In the main folder is a folder UpperClass, it is the parent class and child classes and HeirClass.lvclass Heir2Class.lvclass are organized into folders respectively Plugin1 and Plugin2, and these Classes inherit from the parent one and the same WI - Plus, this Plugin1 has two, independent from the others, but related classes. A block diagram for an object placed UpperClass.
So, here, if you take EXE, making llb files and run them from start VI for each of the Plugin, then everything works OK.
But as soon as I on the block diagram of a Plugin will put any object UpperClass, or one of its nasalednikov, there arises a familiar ERROR 1003. Prompt, plc, margasan I get rid of it in this case?


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Hello Kayfolom,


Is the error ocurring in the develpment enviroment of labview or when trying to create or runing  the EXE file?





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runing the EXE file

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Hello Kayfolom


Please check this link and give it a try to the steps listed there:


This may help you to identified the part of your code that is causing the error





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My calls with text buttons to three different subvi's when i run in labview environment ir runs perfectly, i need to make an exe to run them w/o labview in the customer pc, so when i place those vis in the project and i build the .exe it shows the terrible box message with the error 1003... the subvis open with a broken arrow and saying than there are missing subvi's...

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Hey Amadeo,


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