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Error 1003 occurred at Invoke Node

Ok Nickels&dimes i got it, only for future readers i solved this case making all this VIs included onto .exe files and they are called by the system exec and each call from a first Vi with a root of case structures called by own booleans... excuse for posting 6 years later!

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@margasan wrote:



you may wanto to check this link too..


How Can I Call a VI Dynamically from an Executable Without Including Those VIs in the Build?




I know this thread is old, but when I tried to open the KB article, it says...



You are not authorized to view this document


Could someone post the working link here?!


- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2021 🙂 )
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Hey Pathabe,


We took that link offline because we recommend including the VIs in the build. This is because LabVIEW searches through your hard drive and aggregates all functions and subVIs to one location. With just the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, you must have the same dependencies as the development machine.


If you must do so, you can try the following:

  • Control the dependency of the subVI by moving it to the desired folder, and then loading the VI into LabVIEW ('Select a VI...' on the functions palette)
  • Build a source distribution


I recommend making a new post if you have any issues with the above.



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