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Error 10029 occurred at ULx Create Channel (AI-Voltage-Basic).vi:5780001

I got a problem measuring radiation with a pyranometer, conected to OMEGA OMB-DAQ-2408.

The graph reaches a 18 mV value with other programs , and it is correct, but the labview graph only reaches 10 mV and there´stays constant, I need that it shows the maximum value in 20 mV. Why is this happening?. What can I do to get the maximum value?  

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Are you confusing volts with millivolts?


A value of 10 is believable as the maximum number of volts the device would expect.  (Most DAQ devices would be +/- 10V.)  You are entering 20 which is larger than most devices would see.  Try entering 10 and see if that works.  Then try entering smaller numbers such as 0.02 which would mean 20 mV.

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