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Epsillon (electrochemistry) .DAT want to output plot of data

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Example2 is correct and it works for me. Are you sure you actually used an XY graph?


edit - assuming you want to plot one axis versus the other. You had an XY graph in your first VI.


p.s. Please don't post gif files. If you feel like posting an image, make it a snippet (look it up in the help).

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So since LabView doesn't have drivers to work with my instrument, this is what I want to do and what i'm using:


1. Using a DAQ 6008 to output 5v and 0v (a high and low) to raise and lower a mechanical arm that blocks the light path that i have. (I still have to get my DAQ in the mail before I try to make a loop that can go hi then low at a specific set time loop.)

2. The instrument will then generate it's own output file while it is scanning potential from A to B as the light is being blocked and being let through.  (The arm is still going up and down until I stop that task independent of the scanning potential.)

3.  Using that output file from the scan that happens (the arm data I really don't need for the last part), I need to just get that and make a graph in LabView.  The x value is voltage (volts) and y value is current (amps).


In non technical terms, I'm blocking light and letting it through while i change the amount of voltage coming through.  I can see the current change with respect to voltage applied (that's what i want to graph). 

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@Dennis_Knutson I had the plot XY function and I still had the error when i linked it to the bundle. 

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And why won't you attach what you did?




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Can anyone suggest an idea how to read and plot(wave form) samples of ECG in 11 bit binary form saved as .dat


F Joe

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You may want to create a new thread for this question as this one has been idle for a while.


This example shows you how to read data into LabVIEW and display it. You would just need to use a graph indicator instead of an array.

Zach P.

Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments
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