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Enable -> Disable



i want to undrestand the following program ? 



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For an indicator, you aren't really doing anything.  For a control, you would be allowing the user to edit the value.

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If you right-click on the Property Node (you might need to click on the "Disabled" part), you should be able to pop up the Help for that node.  Note that "Enabled", which you have shown in your post, is the Default Value and means "This Works As You'd Expect".  It is the other two modes, "Disabled" and "Disabled and Grayed Out", that produce novel behavior.


Read All About It.


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A string indicator in the enabled state will allow you to highlight text for copying or for drag and scroll. In the disabled state you cannot highlight text. In disabled and grayed it is the same as disabled with an appearance change as well. None of these will let you edit the text because it is an indicator.

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In addition to what was said already, you might just be confused with the contradictory semantics of wiring words with opposite meaning together. 😉 (enabled vs. disabled).

In a nutshell, most front panel elements have a property that is called "disabled" (not the best choice of words!), which can take one of three possible enum values (enabled, disabled, disabled&grayed).


Typically it is used for controls, because indicators are already disabled for value changes by the user at run time.


If this property never changes, it can be set for the controls/indicators permanently, no property nodes needed. You only need the property nodes if the disabled state should change during execution.


It would help if you could show is the entire program so we can see why this node is used. and if it even makes sense. Who wrote the program?

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