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Emulating NI-SCOPE SGL Trigger in LabVIEW+TestStand



I am attempting to emulate the SGL trigger mode from the SCOPE Soft Front Panel using Labview and TestStand.  In my TS sequence, I have a VI to configure the trigger, then I apply a single pulse to the scope, and then I read the scope measurement.  However, I find that I must keep applying the pulse or the measurement info will be gone by the time I get to the "read measurement" step.  Is there a way to ensure that the scope trace is preserved from a single trigger?  (I have learned that the SGL trigger mode from the SFP is not directly replicable in LabVIEW).  Or, is there a better way of doing this?


Billy Maier

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Lets see how you are implementing this.  If I had to guess (I don't have to if you share more info) I'ld say that the NI-Scope vis are being unloaded by TS

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Sorry, I wasn't sure if the text description would be enough.  Attached is the image of the sequence I'm using (the pulse generator is currently controlled externally, the user sends the pulse during the message popup titled "Send Pulse").  Also included are images of the "Arm Scope" vi (the first step in the sequence) and the "Get Measurement" (misspelled in the sequence) vi.  Also attached is an image of our channel configuration VI, which is the sub-VI in "" which has the default icon.


The final popup only shows the measurement recorded.  Let me know if any further info would be helpful.




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Those Images don't show a whole lot.


Oddly, the Get Meaurement (SIC) Step is of type "Action" and therefore has no "Result."


Could you post code rather than pictures?

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Sure, VIs are attached.  To clarify, at the moment I'm not attempting to get a TestStand result from that step, I am just storing the result in a variable that I then show in a popup.

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