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Emotiv toolkit connection issue

Hi all, 

my research is to calculate the user`s engagement using emotiv headset. I tried the emotiv toolkit from here with the community SDK, since there is no research SDK anymore. I subscribed with their monthly subscription to acquire raw data, and activate the license. however, I still can not get any output values. I ensured everything is connected in right way ( the control panel is opened and I signed in and even did the training, the EDK.dll path is correct)  I tried all example provided with the toolkit and the connection is good but no output value. after tracing the code I found out that the userID is always zero is that the cause? I would appreciate any help, the research is so important for me.

emotiv task out.PNG

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I'm not too familiar with that toolkit, but I can try to help. How are you connecting the headset to your PC? Are you interfacing through a DAQ device?



Applications Engineer

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Thanks a lot tolltrol for your reply.

The interfacing is done using the dll file that comes with the Emotiv SDK. the toolkit worked with many users here before. but it did not worked correctly with me. I contacted the developers of this toolkit and they suggested to go back and compare the Vis with the function in the Emotiv documentation, and I think I going to do that.

Thanks again for your help offer, I will update this thread if I get any results. 



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HI, did u solved this ?. I have the same issue. I'm trying to connect the EmotivPro app to the labview interface using the dll file, but i cannot get the edk.dll that use to come in the previous versions. Please let me know if you  fixed this please..



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Hi ivanzamo,


If you are having a similar issue, you may get a quicker response if you make a new post with the detail of your issue and your environment on the forum.




Michael B , Applications Engineer at National Instruments Corporation

Michael B.
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