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Eleven Ways to Update an Indicator from within a subVI. Their Relative Performances and Quite Far Reaching Consequences...


@styrum wrote:

"Take home" for me:

The event structure's queue is SEVERAL TIMES (hundreds of percent) slower than a regular queue. It is confirmed by the "06..." benchmark code mentioned above and "crappy benchmark" neither of which is mine. So, there is no flaw in my benchmark code, at least as far as that particular result is concerned.

Yes, you are correct. But it is all relative. If I need to send 1000 messages a second, then a message time of 1 or 3 us would work for either case. Now if I need to send 1 million messages a second, then I need a 1 us message. Three times (300%) is relative here. In this case 3 us to 1 us is not a big deal unless I am approaching 333k to 1 million messages a second.


@styrum wrote:

Wow! All the way down to accusations of arguing for the sake of arguing and personal incredulity. Even the word "idiotic" showed up. Where is a Block button here? Smiley Surprised

No offense, but based on your previous posts here and here, I get the impression you enjoy arguing about LabVIEW architecture. I am not one to judge, so whatever floats your boat.



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Yes, I do enjoy arguing, but not for the sake of it. And no, I don't like it when people resort to fallacies (demagoguery), all the way down to personal attacks and insults, just  because they ran out of real arguments to defend their position but simply don't want to admit they were wrong. I have no problem acknowledging that I was wrong about something when correctly proven wrong. Unfortunately, it seems like I am in a minority in that regard.

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I know it can be difficult to convey (or interpret) tone and sentiment in text posts at times. "Meaningful discussion" is fine, but there is no need for general rudeness.

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