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Elegant Way to replace a case structure with an event structure

Since an Event Structure is like a Case Structure in some regards, I would think there would be an option to Replace With - of course with some modification of the triggers.  The issue is I would rather not delete the 
content of my case structure as this would be like starting from scratch.  But  I can't find a way to do a replace with between these two structures

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They are similar in the sense that they are a mutually exclusive way of selecting what code to execute.


They differ greatly in how the selection is done.


Show us what you have now and what you would DREAM would be possible and perhaps one of can offer an idea.



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Yes, they are really quite different. Conditional Disable Structure will also decide which code gets run, but it works nothing like a case structure or event structure.


If you want to wait for button presses you could do it like the JKI state machine where one of the cases has an event structure inside of it.

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Step one: Give kudos to this idea.

Step two: wait for a long time, because it does not have many votes.



Yes, I agree it would be useful to do a simple 1:1 conversion of the frame contents to the new structure. Cleaning up later would still be easier than to start from scratch. All the code and tunnels would still be in place. A good start!


(OTOH, we have completely useless tools, such as the capability to convert a stacked sequence to a case structure (or vice versa). I can only imagine the mess that would create, especially if there are many sequence locals. 😮 Has anyone actually ever used that?)



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