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Elapsed Time VI Present Time String to Elements


To return to the OP's oeiginal query, and assuming that te elapsed time VI is used.


Rather than trying to extract specific bits of a string, which will vary depending on the PC setup, if you want to retrieve specific parts of the data/time...


Use the double Present (s) output, make it into a time stamp with "to time stamp", then "seconds to date/time" to comvert into a cluster containing each of the components. Extract from the cluster as required.




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YUP- so on your system HH = 02 is about 15min after last call.  14 is tea time

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@Falcon9a wrote:

Cool, that seem perfect, but now how do I turn the red line into an orange one?


Thank you,


Sorry I missed this-  WHY NOT use the Present Time with an absolute time display?  no need to convert at all! it is an "orange wire"Smiley Very Happy

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I'm putting all of the info into a document at the end which can be checked by another person and they're comparing my data to the data taken by another independent sensor so we need times that can be eaily compaired.  Present absolute is in seconds since an abritrary amount of time so it's not as easy to compare with as present time.

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