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Efficient Polling Technique Suitable fo rTouch Panels


Single TPC 2215 polling 154 power monitors and 154 temperature sensors

-Modbus TCP/IP poll rate no faster than 5 minutes, typically every 15 or 30 minutes

-Poll (12) 32 Bit Registers per power monitor

-Poll (1) 32 Bit register per Temperature sensor

-Store data as CSV file using Write To File VI

-Have Diadem (and could also use TDMS plug in) am open to using a database technique if I had an example to follow, not sure it is really that neceassary here


Would Like:

-Ability to Set Poll Interval

-Ability to set Alarm Levels for Current and Temperature and detection of Power Spike

-Active Alarm displayed along bottom of HMI

-Alarm History

-View Stored Data in table and chart format

-Ability to set starage requirements, ie FIFO or read and Hold



First I understand the general answer to programming an TPC HMI is no or not much different than a desktop.   I cam across the Simple Machine Control Reference Application,


I have looked through a few of the white papers related to HMI developement, many of which seem to be based on 2009 programming techniques / Libs


I understand the image below is a good technique to follow for a HMI application







I have been unable to find other reference applications other than the Simple Machine Control Refereence


This referance application uses:

•Current Value Table (CVT) Reference Library, AVAILABLE VIA JKL PACKAGE MANAGER
•CVT Client Communication (CCC) Reference Library, AVAILABLE VIA JKL PACKAGE MANAGER
•Asynchronous Message Communication (AMC) Reference Library, AVAILABLE VIA JKL PACKAGE MANAGER
•cRIO IO Engine (CIE) Reference Library, NOT REQUIRED FOR MY APP
•HMI Navigation Engine (HNE) Reference Library, AVAILABLE AS A SEPERATE DOWNLOAD
•Reference Example for Localization Configuration Editor for LabVIEW, DO NOT BELIEVE I WILL NEED THIS
•Simple TCP Messaging Reference Library, AVAILABLE VIA JKL PACKAGE MANAGER


A Couple questions:


1.  Is this still a relivant application scheme under 2014?


2.  What has replaced the HNE Lib?


3.  The ref example uses a single VI per HMI page, not a bad technique but NI support group has mentioned the use of Tab Pages, I can work with either, just would like to see if anyone with recent experience can shed some light on the topic.


4. Does anyone have a recent example using the before mentioned libraies OR another technique that can be shared?


GOAL - Just trying to limit my chances of heading down the wrong path,  I cringe when I see some of my earlier code :).


Thanks in Advance

Tim C.

1:30 Seconds ARRRGHHH!!!! I want my popcorn NOW! Isn't there anything faster than a microwave!
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After reading the whitepaper you mentioned (Simple Machine Control Reference Application) can verify that this example can be implemented on LabVIEW 2014, obviously the toolkits and respective drivers have to be compatible con LabVIEW 2014, but the core of the example can still be implemented. The HMI Navigation Engine (HNE) Reference Library hasn't been updated in a while, so you can still use the same link provided in the above mentioned whitepaper.


Regarding the use of a single VI per HMI page vs. the use of tabs, would not be able to provide a good recommendation here since it's not something I'm that familiar with, although I can say that if you already found a forum with expert users recommending the use of tabs, then it's fair to say that would be the way to go.


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