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Edit X scale label from numeric to text in Waveform Graph

Hi all,

I am at the final stage of my project, and I'm finding it quite hard to overcome the last step.

I have a Waveform Graph plotting four value as a bar graph (kind of a histogram). I would like to edit the X-axis scale to insert the name of the four values ( Baseline - Test 1 - Test 2 - Test 3) under their respective bar.

Surfing this and other forums I read that it is not possible to do what I'm trying to achieve, but I actually hope there is a way-out. 

I'm using LabVIEW 13.0 (32 bit)

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Well according to your reading the impossible was accomplished about 10 years ago...





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I just realized that:

  • Renaming the xscale label in "baseline  (lot of spaces)   test 1 (lot of spaces) and so on" ;
  • Changing the Xscale style to the "empty one"

would be an extreme solution to solve the "external part" of the problem.

But I would love a "normal" solution to it Smiley Very Happy

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