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EXE executes differently then developer

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Hello All,


I have created a VI that complies information into a original word document, two excel documents, and then a back up word document. When I run the program as the developer the word documents and excel documents are properly made. When I create an EXE and run the program it is capable of making both word documents but not the excel documents. I added in dialog boxs and the EXE shows all of them when it is run, meaning the code runs through each section. All the files are saved to the same network folders. Would anyone have a solution so that the excel files are also created when the EXE is run?


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Show any error cluster that are returned by the wizardly things you are using. The one for Excel may be throwing an error.


"Run as administrator" may also help since Excel has stuff built in that can be dangerous so virus protection could be rearing its ugly head.



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Accepted by topic author RHASE1234

Using the Report Generation Toolkit, I've had no problems opening an existing Excel Workbook, reading entries from various "configuration" Worksheets, then creating a multi-column formatted "Data" Worksheet based on instructions read from the same Workbook, saving the .xlsx file when I finished.


If you aren't able to do something, it is either because it "can't be done" or "you are not doing it correctly".  Based on my own experience (but just with Excel -- I've not tried to use the RGT for Word), you can "do a lot" using LabVIEW.  


As you failed to post your code (a picture of a part of your code, so small that it is hard to make out the details, and so cropped that we cannot see the "flow" of the program), I can't offer an opinion on whether your code is correct (probably not, as it doesn't work), nor can I offer suggestions on what to do.  Sorry.


Bob Schor

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Thank you. That was very "helpful".

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Hi RHASE1234,


Can you describe what you changed based on the feedback in order to help future visitors?

I'm not sure that based on Bob Schor's solution I could identify what I would need to change in order to fix the problem you (or a fictional I) had if I came here via Google etc - maybe you could describe the problem you found and the change you made to fix it?


As a side note, I agree with Dr Schor's post in that a cropped picture typically isn't very helpful when trying to get help/advice on this forum - it's hard to identify problems if you either a) can't see them, because they're in a different part of the diagram, or b) can't read/open/move them, because it's an image and not a VI or snippet.

If you have future questions, you might be better served if you can upload a full BD snippet or the actual VI (or a zip of the project if you have subVIs that have a reasonable chance of being involved, or it's about project configuration, etc).

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