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EXE can't find system subVIs

I have a 8.6 application working fine as a VI, but when i build an exe and run it (on the same computer), it can't find some system VIs from vi.lib. Every time it is launched, it prompts for the files and i have to browse manually for them.


I read in another post that "there is a known issue with LabVIEW 8.5 when trying to build an app out of a VI that uses a static VI reference to reference itself", this could be the problem, but i can't find information about this issue

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Any idea what the VI names are (it should mention that).  If the missing VIs are Not Found, Details Display and Set String

have a look here

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How do you call those vis? Dynamicly?

If yes, then you have to include those vis in the executable at "always include" 

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The files are the ones named by voodoo_, so it's a Labview bug, i did the workaround as in the other topic and it works.

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