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EXE breaks when built with debugging enabled

I have a large application that I would like to debug using the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit.

So I followed the instructions and checked the 'Enable Debugging' option in the build spec. 

The EXE builds nicely without any issues but when I run it I get  a broken arrow and "VI has an error of type 42328. The full development version of LabVIEW is required to fix the errors."

This is on the same machine that built the code.


I have these settings in the INI:


Any ideas?

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Are you saying that if you uncheck the "debugging" option, the EXE works?


Or are you saying that it works fine when you run it as VIs, but not as an EXE, either way?


Also, does your code reference any DLLs directly, either classic DLLs or .NET DLLs?  If it does, and the EXE can't find the DLL, that's one of the most common causes of this error.

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The ESE works just fine when I uncheck Enable Debugging.

It does reference DLLs both .NET and native but they are where they are supposed to be and work fine when Enable Debugging is unchecked.

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Do you use many "disable" structures?  Either "conditional" ones or the "diagram disable" structure?


Anything inside those is removed from an EXE before compiling normally, but may be left in when debugging is enabled.  If there's something in those that it doesn't like, maybe that's it?

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I do use disable structures but I don't quite understand why those would cause these symptoms. The disabled code would still be disabled in the EXE so should not have any influence on the execution.

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