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ERROR -10007 occured at AI Group Config

I don't understand why I'm getting this error. It says:
Error -10007 occured at AI Group Config.
Possible erasons:

NI-DAQ LV: A channel, port, or counter is out of range for the device type or device configuration; or the combination of channels is not allowed; or the scan order must be reversed (0 last).
I already configured a strain gauge using MAX (kinda... I think its right).
This program comes from a tutorail that was included called SCXI-1520
I'll attach the file... I've never done anythign with I/O in Labview so, if you have any suggestions at all...

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These are the instructions that came with it. I'll write what I did.

1.  Enter the device number and the channels you intend to scan.


Device number: 1

Channel: ob0!sc1!md1!0:7    (<-- Am I supposed to change this?)

2.  Select the input limits that pertain to your sensor(s), if the default values configured in the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) are not suitable.

Input Limits: -0.1, 0.1   <-- same as before  (not sure how to configure)

3.  Enter the filter and excitation values you want for your strain gauge(s).

Filter+ excitation left at default

4.  Enter the value of the resistor(s) you are using for shunt calibration (you should use the SCA terminals for all your shunt resistors).  Ignore if you do not intend to perform shunt calibration.


5.  Enter the gauge resistance, gauge factor, and bridge type of the strain gauge(s) you are using and the poisson ratio of the surface on which they are mounted.


Gauge resistance: 350

Gauge factor: 2.11

Bridge Type:: Quarter Bridge

possion --> default

NOTE: All the above controls MUST be set before the VI is run.

7.  Run the VI.


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fixed it myself thanks.

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Hi Aquaphire-
If you have a minute can you please post your solution in case anyone else should run across similar problems and might look to this thread for help?
Thanks- glad to hear you got your system up and running!
Tom W
National Instruments
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