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ER-8 help

I recently changed from Labview 5.0.1 to 5.1, but I haven't been able to
get everything up and running. I had to get a new PC-LPM-16 to get my
analog inputs working. However, that didn't help my Digital output, which
is an ER-8. I had been blowing fuses on my PC-LPM-16 whenever I plugged
up my ER-8 to it, but not when I lft it unplugged. Regardless, I just
plugged up a brand new ER-8, and it still won't work.

Anyone have any ideas? I noticed that there is not a place to list the
ER-8 as an accessory, but the Natinst web page claims that it isn't

Does anyone think that my SC-2055 could be bad? That is the only thing I
haven't replaced thus far!

Thanks in advance,
Harry King

"Little Joe for the Big Heisman, '99"
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