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EPTx with cRIO - trouble transferring crank/cam signals to NI 9754, NI 9758 modules



We are working on an FPGA (and RT) program for engine position tracking software. We are using LabVIEW 2017 and the new EPTx module. Unfortunately, this module has very little information available online. We are learning as we go.


Below, you'll see our set up for the FPGA program. We are noticing signal outputs from the "crank signal" and "cam signal" boolean indicators. However, the indicators coming out of the Fuel-Spark Control modules are remaining unlit. Does anyone know where we went wrong? The VI is attached.



Thanks a lot!

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Hey Brent


Could you please give a little more information about your application and what software you are using. 


Austin Stanton

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Hi Austin,


Sorry for the late reply. We are using LabVIEW 2017 with the FPGA and RT modules, and the Powertrain Device Drivers. We are hooked up to a cRIO 9076 with the 9411, 9754, and 9758 modules. We are trying to use the program to control a Ford engine, but that is still in the future.



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Hi Brent,


I read somewhere that the EPTx module came with examples. Have you tried using those and observed the behavior?

Also, here is an ECS Example Project for NI LabVIEW that I believe is using EPTx.


Hope it helps!


- Parul

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Hi Parul,


Thanks for the suggestions. One of the EPTx examples mentions our PFI driver, but only enough to glean that we are using the right modules in LabVIEW. Unfortunately, the ECS Example Project is using DI modules, and doesn't look similar enough to our project.


Thanks a lot,


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