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ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit datastream without database


i use the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit for measuring the ECU Datastream. My problem is, that i receive less data then configured in the A2L-database. So my idea was, to read out all datas which the ECU is sending. Afterwards i can compare the amount of received data-channels from the ECU which the amount data-channels in the A2L-database and delete all channels which are not received from the ECU.


Now my problem is, that i don´t know, how i can measure all datas from the ECU without selecting the channels one by one.


thank you i advance.

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Hi Stefan,


as this post is opened already for some time, were you able to measure all the data from ECU like desired?

If so, could you share a solution with us?




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I've been working with OP on the issue and we found a solution by writing our own XCP VIs and without using the ECU M&C Toolkit. This solution only works in the setup that we have. We are not communicating with the ECU directly, there is a measurement board in between which is developed by our company and used only internally. We communicate directly with this board using XCP over Ethernet. This board has the option to measure a range from the ECU memory (e.g. 0x0000-0xBFFF) and will return the raw data in the configured time interval. We just need now to scale the data based on the A2L and save it to file.

Sharing the code is not possible and it is not relevant to any forum user unless he is working with the same hardware that we have.

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