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E-Series PXI Cards show up in MAX 4.2.1, Test Panels won't come up.

Hey All,


We are cloning an XP machine (booooo, sad face) using a Dell box with MXI-3 to connect to an 8-slot PXI rack. The cards are showing up in MAX, however when we go to launch the test panels, the hour glass appears for a brief moment, then nothing.


I worked with IT to get all the same versions of the software on the existing equipment.


I made a vi to read the analog input on a 6025E card, however there data displayed is not the input voltage.


Any ideas on how to get the test panels to show up?


MAX 4.2.1, LabVIEW 7.1, XP SP2, Visa 3.2, DAQ 7.4.4,




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Hi Drewski,


Are you able to run a self-test on the cards? This would ensure that you're able to actually communicating with the cards (being able to see them in MAX doesn't automatically guarantee communication). If the self test fails, I might try resetting the MAX database, or removing the card and putting it back in.

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Thanks for the response.


I opened a trouble ticket with NI Engineering support.


I'll post the results here.


In the process of force re-installing the traditional daq and daqmx drivers.

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System is working now.


Ended up re-installing the Operating System and starting from scratch.

Thanks for your help!

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