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E 727 PIMIKROMOVE XYZ piezo stage: How to properly use WAV WSL and WGO VIs to connect the stage with computer.


       I am currently trying to make a XYZ piezo stage (E727 Physik Instrumente) connect with Labview platform for the purpose of taking a 3D scan of an area of interest. I would like to know if anyone is using this particular stage (Or other version of it) and/or if you have handled , and to feed a user defined RAMP pattern into one axis and perform a scan.  I would really like to know how exactly the wiring has to be done to make a successful connection. 


any idea / screenshot of your code will be highly helpful.


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What NI hardware are you using?

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i am using NI USB-6343 X series multi function DAQ. 

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