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Dynamically loaded VI's and Application Builder

Is there a clever way to get around the need to specify the VI's that are to be dynamically loaded when using the Application Builder. In the development environment I routinely add support for new GPIB/serial/USB/enthernet devices to my code by reading a configuration file that associates a device name with a set of VI's. The set of VI's are then dynamically loaded and are ready to use whenever the new device name is specified. This scheme does not work in the standalone application because all of the dynamically loaded VI's need to be specified at build time. It is fairly serious problem to have to go back and create a new executable on the development machine every time a new device is encountered. I work a
t a scientific user facility and users frequently bring their own devices (such as temperature controllers and field generators -- usually with VI's!) and I need to get them going as quickly as possible.
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Hi Lee,
as far as I remember, in LV6 you can do that (to run a non-included VI from your builded application - you have to code a "loader VI" using VIServer's methods). Try to contact Labviewguru ... he is the one to ask for details.

Good Luck!

p.s.: this post may be helpful []
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You do not have to specify the dynamically loaded VIs when building an executable. I am attaching an example that shows how to do this. In this example, calls I then built into an executable without specifying as a dynamically loaded vi. When you run this.exe, you specify the path to and click the run arrow. will then show its front panel and run. You can also load and run

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