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Dynamic signal acquisition & generation (DSA & DSG) soft front panels in cRIO



I have a cRIO-9045 with a 9234 (Sound and vibration) and 9269 (analog output) modules.

I would like to do some quick measurements (generate an output voltage) and measure a vibration due to that voltage and I have come across the DSA and DSG templates.


In order to use them, I have tried to use the soft panels VIs. I have ensured both modules are in Real Time Ni-DAQmx. I have attempted the following scenarios:

a) Running the DSG VI under "My Computer". However, I cannot add the C-module to the project and hence when I run the EXE, I cannot find the channel.

b) Placing the DSG VI under my cRIO target with the c-module added into the target. However, it looks like LabVIEW RT doesnt accept lots of functions that are in the code.


What would be the easiest approach to use the DSA and DSG templates with the c-modules placed in a cRIO chassis?



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DAQmx test panels and DAQmx examples are your fastest way to get up and running with your hardware quickly. Then, there are Sound and Vibration examples that will deploy to RT targets, and will allow you generate dynamic signals and perform measurement analysis.


If, however, you are intent on leveraging the DSA and DSG sample projects, your first steps will be to strip out the XControls (both waveforms and spectra graphs in DSA and signal configuration and waveforms graph in DSG) and all their property nodes. In my opinion, these SFPs lose a lot of value if you take out those enabling XControls. Also, I don't know if these sample projects might use other property nodes that are not supported in LabVIEW Real-Time. Actually, it will probably be easier to use those modules in a cDAQ chassis to get moving quickly with DSA and DSG running on the host PC. 

NI Sound and Vibration
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