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Dynamic reference?

Since the OP was wondering about the second image and I did not read it fully explained or audited...



You are correc that showing the caption need only be done once.

The inner for loop seems to be modifying the channel name acquired from teh waveform and appending the text "Max" or "Min" to the chanel name before using it to set the displayed name of the indicator.

That operation ...

Just appending the text "Min" " or "Max" before ritting the cation text would be easier to read. and understand and not require modifying the Waveform attribute.

The renaming need only happen once when the channel names change.

It is a handle method to get the indictors names to match the channel names.

The creation of arrays of control refs need only be built one time but LV Compiles most likely recognizes that as a constant array so there would be no performance increase by changing that.

The indexing inside the For is not required. Just set the tree tunnels to aut-index.



Those references are all static references since they point to only one item each.


Done with my 2 cents worth.






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