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Dynamic Control Menu Based on Sub vi's (And Shortcuts in folder)

Hey All, I'm looking to make a dynamic element for my front panel that will contain a number of boolean controls that are named after file names in a folder. Best case I'd like something like this:



Right now, the best way I can think of to set this up is an array of clusters with disabled strings placed over the boolean buttons, however I'm thinking there must be a better way


Stretch goal: Is there also a way to display a Vi's icon in the front panel as an image? It would be nice to have something useful to break up the booleans that also indicates some level of information.

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Add a picture indicator to the cluster.


Use the VI.Icon Get as Image Data method to load the icon data for each of those VI's.


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Thanks, This is what I have so far. I'm decently satisfied with it, but I'm open to suggestions.



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