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Dynamic Balancing




I have a system which includes an engine connected to a gear connected to a universal joint connecting to a second engine (for creating torc on the shaft). I can treat the universal joints as 2 parallel plane. I need to do a dynamic balancing on the axis as following:


I set my "0 degrees" point by removing material from one of the teeth in the gear. the  distance from tooth to tooth is equally divided relatively to the reference tooth (360/number of teeth).


I'm using NI PXIe-4492 card. I have 2 accelerometers (one for each plane)  and a Honeywell VRS magnetic speed sensor for the rotation.


I would like to build/find a VI with LabVIEW that can tell me exactly on which angle I have the imbalance, and the location where I need to compensate the system with suitable weighs.


In the past there was a massive thread about that subject I still check ( , and I have also read "NI Two Plane Balancing" program with PDA (, but I haven’t managed to solve it yet.


Could you please help me to find a VI  or even a direction for my problem ?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Lior_Bachar,


I am not sure if there is an example that does this already, but a possible place to start may be using something like this VI to convert the readings from the accelerometer to an angle (in this case you would probably want something like roll) and then going from there:


myDAQ Two Axis Accelerometer and Attitude Measurement with ADI from UTSI


Just an idea about a place to start!

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