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Driving two DC motors with the same speed



I am working on a project and I am using sbRIO 9632. I am building a robot on two wheels driven by two dc motors with PWM signals. In the program in LabView, in the main while loop I can not put time delay, because that will delay the signal that drive the motor, in other words, I cannot drive the motors if I have any type of delay in the main while loop. Also, I want to take and store the value from the encoder, wait for 300 ms and than take another value from the encoder and subtract them.

I don't know how to make this because I am a beginner in LabView. I tried to put another while loop in the main loop, but it's not working.


Thanks in advance

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Put the second loop outside the main loop, so it runs independent. You may need to implement small wait intervals (like 1 ms) to avoid one of the loops hog your cpu.




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