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Drivers for ANRITSU 46322A, please help, how to get them?

Hi all,

Firstly, thank you in advance, I am struggling with a Labview program to communicate with Anritsu VNA and I am a little worried about it... I have got a program which works fine for the VNA model MS4647A, but now we have changed this VNA for the MS46322A model, and the blocks and functions used for the previous one are no longer useful... I have tried to download the instrument drivers for this new model, but I cannot find them anywhere! 

Please, how could I fix the connection between labview (2015 version) and this VNA? It is very important for me.

Many thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help.

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I checked labviews driver page and anritsu's, but i didnt find them.  I saw an IVI driver on onritsus page though

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Thank you, what are the differences between installing an IVI and the drivers? Could I still use functions similar to those in my program?

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To be honest ive never used them before, nor do i know what functions youre using right now.  Someone else on the forums may be able to help out with this one. Here is a link breifly going over this.  THere is also built in example in labview.


IVI tutorial

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Ok, thanks. Anyway, I just looked up other versions of these functions for communication from Anritsu and, I don't know why, but the program works fine if you use functions even from a completely different model! More specifically, the 37xxx series. It retrieves data from the VNA nicely so, so far I think the problem is solved... Does anyone know what is going on here? I think the key may be in the module, but I am not sure...

Thank you anyway.

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To answer your earlier question, essentially IVI is a foundation that aims to make instruments by different manufacturers usable in lots of different software environments, using a set of specifications. So IVI drivers for VNAs would all provide similar functionality and be easily interchangeable with different VNAs.


Glad you solved your problem. I haven't looked at the Anritsu drivers but would imagine that the two devices must have a similar architecture but might need initialising in different ways e.g. something like setting a different baud rate.


Best regards,



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