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Driver of GPIB-USB-hs

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I want to use a GPIB-USB-HS to connect to Agilent 8163A. The computer is aged and its OS is Windows XP SP3 with NI-488.2 (Version 2.17). After the GPIB-USB-HS was plugged in USB port,the computer asked its driver. How can I get its driver in NI's website?

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Start here:

Software Required for GPIB-USB-HS


The current versions of NI-488.2 and NI-VISA DO NOT support Windows XP  so you will have to download an older version.

From these two links I believe NI-488.2 version 15.5 was the last to support Windows XP and the GPIB USB-HS


As for NI-VISA, again version 15.5 looks like the last one to support Windows XP


To download these older version you may need to contact NI




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Thanks very much.

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Thanks very much

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