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Driver for OWON VDS1022 oscilloscope for NI ELVIS

Hello, I am working on a project in which I want to use a ''OWON VDS 1022'' oscilloscope in the ''NI ELVIS oscilloscope'' application.

In order to do this, I think that I have to create a driver for the owon (NI does not propose a driver for that device).

But I don't know if NI ELVIS will be able to communicate with this device even if I create the correct driver?

And I do not know what the driver must contain so that it can be used by NI ELVIS?


An other option that I have is to create the driver an then use it in labview to re-create an NI ELVIS application.

But I don't how to create such a pretty front pannel with the regular LabView?


PS : Owon VDS 1022 communicate via USB port in a SCPI Language. I know that we can create this communication with the VISA systeme on LABVIEW. Then the driver's creation should be ''easy'' at least if i want to create a a LABVIEW programm which use OWON Device.


Thanks for helping

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