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Driver Descriptions: GE Pace6000, Watlow series F4, Keithley 2000

I just picked up the drivers for a GE Pace6000 Modular pressure controller, a Watlow Series F4 temperature controller, and a Keithley 2000 DMM. I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can find some good literature on the different components in these drivers, how they work, and the best ways to use them. Haven't found much on Google or the respective websites, so I thought I'd ask around here.





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Hello John,


Typically drivers include a "Tree".vi in the library, these VIs don't actually run but the block diagram is a hierarchy of the subVIs that are included in the driver. For the Watlow F4D driver that I downloaded, the tree vi included several example VIs such as: System setup example, Analog Input Setup Example, and Profile Example.


The Tree should also categorize the VI's by function; such as data, utility, configuration... 

I may have downloaded a different driver than you, but for the F4D driver there are examples in the drivers palette found here:

Instrument I/O >> Instr Drivers >> WLF4 >> Application Examples


If you cannot find these examples in the palette you can check the instrument libraries folder which on my computer was found here:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\instr.lib\<DRIVER NAME>


For the Tektronix TDS driver that I downloaded there were several examples which were placed in the instrument library, as well as a readme file for reference.


You have already used the Discussion Forums which are a great resource, as there is an incredible community here that is more than willing to help. Usually there are a few people who have built applications using these drivers, and are willing to give some advice. If you search for the specific drivers on the forums, you will likely find a few threads regarding either troubleshooting or general advice such as this one for the Watlow F4:


Beyond those resources, you can check the manufacturers website directly to see if they have any updated device drivers for LabVIEW as well as any application examples.






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Thanks very much for the reply. From what you're saying it sounds like I already had most of what I wanted all along, oops. Anyway, I'll look into those tree vis and check out the examples as well. I didn't see much in my first sweep of the forums, which is why I posted, but I'll look again. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd missed something helpful.


Thanks again,



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