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Drag / Drop multiple items from listbox

First time posting -- not sure if Im in the right place...


I'm trying to implement a drop event with multiple list box items. Simply dragging between two listboxes with the same vi. I can select multiple items and drag them, but when I drop, only the first one populates in the target listbox. The others disappear. 


I've looked through the forums and seen some discussion on this back in 2014 or so, but none of the solutions I've seen presented actually do the trick. 


Listbox drag and drop setting are set (Dragging allowed, Dropping allowed, Drag outside allowed). Drag mode set to Move Only.


Selection settings set to 0 or more


These are the current settings and the ones that seem to make the most sense, but I've tried them all at one time or another. 


I've tried exploring the inputs on the Get Drag Drop Data. Currently using LV_Text for the data name and empty string constant for the type . Tried to use an array of clusters of string array and integer (as called for)  for the type, and tried using LV_Listbox_Items for the name (in various combinations) but it doesn't like most of those. Honestly, I don't really understand this part of it. 


Anyone have any advice? It seems like a very simple thing I'm trying to do, so I know I'm missing something.



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Welcome to NI Forum

Its quite possible to drop more data at a time.

Its always good to share your code so that others will debug on your own code and provide you the proper solution

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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Thanks for replying. I figured it out. 

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Its Good that you got answer by your own..

If you got answer its always good to mention the problem you did and how you solved it, so that people whoever faces the same problem will get to know easily/

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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