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Download a file from internet programmatically

I think is the file dimension, if I try with small file dimetion all is working fine

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@Florian_Hemmelgarn wrote:

At the moment I have the same problem.

I've successfully used data socket to download a picture oder a pdf. But I don't understand what I have to change to download a zip file. Usually when you open a website there is a link which lead to an pop up, asking where you want to store the data.

I've attached some examples. Maybe I just need a working url for the data socket

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Hi Paolo1983,


If the URL is HTTP based then you can use the LabVIEW HTTP Client GET VI.


This is an example that does an HTTP GET and saves the result to disk by prompting you to choose where to save the file:

Save File From HTTP URL.png


Note: Make sure to set prepend array or string size? to false when writing the binary data to disk

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finlally It is working!!!


Thanks a lot for your help!!

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